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Lisa Truini-Pittman, RN, MPH, Quality and Safety Coordinator

Lisa Truini-Pittman, RN, MPH, has been Quality and Safety Coordinator at Smilow Cancer Hospital for two years. In the past, she was an oncology nursing educator. While in that role, she developed an interest in safety and quality after learning about some of the issues in healthcare that affect patient outcomes, patient and staff morale, and the financial viability of the healthcare industry. Given the opportunity to have an impact on quality and safety in Smilow, she eagerly accepted the challenge.

Lisa is responsible for overseeing all aspects of patient safety and quality care. The high nursing priorities include pain assessment, safety with restraints, falls prevention, and elimination of pressure ulcers and CLABSI (Central Line-Associated Bloodstream Infections). She examines events for patterns or trends such as the number of falls during specific times of the day and then organizes a group to analyze those trends, to identify the problems in the system, and to make a plan to fix those problems going forward. Lisa commented, “I have the great privilege of working with different departments, different disciplines and all levels of the nursing staff in order to improve patient care. Change is not always easy to initiate, but the real reward is in helping people see the ways in which the change will be positive, and how it will ultimately make things better for our patients.”

Lisa is a member of several safety and quality focused committees and is an active participant in regulatory processes. Her supervisor, Catherine Lyons, RN, MS, Clinical Program Director of Smilow Cancer Hospital, commented, “Lisa brings an outstanding approach to our quality programs and is objective and non-judgmental when analyzing events with our staff and physicians. She thoroughly investigates any issues that are brought to her attention and involves all team members in order to resolve them. We are very lucky to have Lisa as a member of our team.”