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William Mahon, Maintenance Specialist

As we celebrate 10 years since the opening of Smilow Cancer Hospital, we want to take time to thank those that make the building a safe and welcoming environment for our patients, doctors, and staff. William (Bill) Mahon, Maintenance Specialist in the Engineering Department at YNHH, has been at here for 28 years, but has been working in Smilow for the last ten. He knows the building inside and out, and is responsible for the eighth floor down to NP LL, and also some areas of the 55 Park Street building. He is in constant contact with our clinic staff.

For Bill, the technical part of his job is the easy part, fixing light fixtures, moving furniture, and general maintenance tasks; it is the public relations and serving as a presence in the building that he finds most rewarding. "Small things can make a big difference in someone's day, and my job is to take care of those small things," said Bill. "If a patient sees me making a mistake or not acting professionally, that can affect their outlook of the entire operation. I keep this in mind as I go about my tasks and want to provide reassurance that we take pride in the building and how things are maintained."

Recently, Bill saw a patient stumbling in the lobby of Smilow and acted quickly to break their fall as they fainted, just one example of Bill's dedication to the building and the people in it. Carolyn Truini, Operations Coordinator for Smilow Cancer Hospital, commented, "Bill has been diligent in responding to all the needs of the managers and staff. He gets things done! Whether it is repairing chairs or eliminating lighting that is bothersome to a staff member, Bill takes care of it all!"