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Christien Marien, Senior Administrative Assistant, Neuro-Oncology

As Senior Administrative Assistant within the Department of Neuro-Oncology, Christine Marien supports the day-to-day needs for a team of five physicians in a department rich with big ideas and a vision for the future. "It feels remarkable to be a part of such a bright vision for the future," said Christine.

"Great things are happening; Big ideas like the Brain Tumor Center are coming to fruition. And I work with a wonderful and supportive team who could not be more fantastic."

For the last seven years, Christine has served as the academic secretary and Neuro-Oncology Fellowship Coordinator, and she has seen her team grow from two faculty to five. Even with the shift in workflow as a result of COVID-19, she remains on top of the increase in Zoom scheduling and shift away from conference and seminar travel.

Professor of Neurology, Chief of Neuro-Oncology, and Clinical Program Leader of the Brain Tumor Center, Antonio Omuro, MD, says, "Christine is great at anticipating problems and keeping her eyes open to opportunities to improve things. She understands the needs of others and always brings up issues that require our attention."