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Maura Harrigan, MS, RD, CSO, registered dietitian

Once patients have completed treatment for their cancer diagnosis they are often left with the question, “What’s next?” That is where Maura Harrigan, MS, RD, CSO, registered dietitian for the Adult Survivorship Clinic at Yale Cancer Center, comes in. She meets with patients upon completion of their treatment and helps devise a plan for moving forward with their wellness. Maura is also a Research Associate at the Yale School of Public Health where she is currently serving as a Project Director for the Lifestyle, Exercise and Nutrition (LEAN) Study.

Melinda Irwin, PhD, MPH, is the Principal Investigator for the LEAN Study, which is funded by the American Institute for Cancer Research. The study is for women that have been treated for breast cancer, and will examine if a dietary-induced weight loss program and moderate-intensity exercise leads to weight loss and improves serum markers associated with breast cancer.

“We refer eligible and interested patients to the LEAN Study through the Survivorship Clinic. Being able to refer and encourage survivors to participate in research studies is a valuable resource of the Clinic,” said Maura. “Cancer survivors have fought hard to get well, and now they want the tools to stay well.” Maura also addresses late effects and long term effects of treatment with survivors such as increased risk for cardiovascular disease, osteoporosis, and type 2 diabetes mellitis.

Dr. Irwin commented, “Maura understands the importance of clinical trials in moving the field forward and how to translate the most current scientific evidence on nutrition and cancer to the patients and the community. I feel so fortunate to be able to work with and learn from Maura on a daily basis.”