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Michele Dingus, Accountant

As an Associate Administrator for Yale Cancer Center, Michele Dingus is responsible for various financial operations within the Cancer Center, including grant applications and renewals. As part of the grant process she is able to collaborate with various departments across the university, as well as with other institutions. One such project she has recently been involved in is the Yale SPORE in Lung Cancer and new K12 grant submission through the NIH.

The Yale SPORE in Lung Cancer is the result of an $11 million grant from the National Cancer Institute. Yale is one of only five institutions in the country with a SPORE devoted to lung cancer. It is a complex program project grant that is made up of various cores and projects as well as subcontracts that are issued to other universities. Michele is responsible for the financial management of all of the components of the SPORE. In addition to the SPORE, Michele also manages three additional program project grants, which include a P01, a UM1 with multiple supplement awards, and a P30 with multiple supplement awards as well.

Michele has been with the Cancer Center for almost 8 years and commented, "This is an extremely rewarding job because I know that everything we do supports cancer research in some way."

Edward Kaftan, PhD, Associate Research Scientist in Medicine (Medical Oncology) and Associate Director for Translational Research Administration at Yale Cancer Center, has had the opportunity to work with Michele on several projects and commented that she is very knowledgeable about Yale processes and NIH guidelines, giving PIs confidence that their awards and applications are being managed at the highest standard with the greatest attention to detail.

"Michele goes above and beyond to make sure deadlines are met and submissions are accurate and complete," said Dr. Kaftan. "She takes pride in her work and the accomplishments of her team as a whole. I look forward to sharing future successes with her as a valued member of our team."