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Monica Fradkin, RN, MPH, Oncology Nursing Education Coordinator

Oncology Nursing Education Coordinator, Monica Fradkin, RN, MPH, is responsible for the education of the oncology nurses within Smilow Cancer Hospital. Through planning and scheduling of oncology programs as well as hospital recommendations, Monica moves the education of the nurses forward in order to improve patient care.

Monica coordinates in-services, lunch & learns and Journal Clubs to make sure everyone is on the same page. Oftentimes it is difficult to find a time when everyone is available, since Smilow is a 24/7 facility. Therefore, she must make use of technology to reach out to those that might not be able to attend the programs. Webinars and video conferencing are tools that she utilizes. These are especially helpful in reaching out to the new Smilow Cancer Hospital Cancer Care Centers and keeping them educated and informed. In addition, incorporating simulation into practice has been valuable for staff. Smilow nurses utilize simulation for chemotherapy administration and management as well as annual competency validation for chemotherapy recertification. It gives nurses a chance to practice different scenarios in a controlled setting and feedback is very positive.

“It is great to be a part of helping our nurses grow professionally, seeing them advance on the clinical ladder or go on to receive their certifications and then pass that knowledge onto patients. This job gives me the opportunity to work with all the different areas in Smilow, and the field is constantly changing and advancing,” said Monica.

Monica’s supervisor, Catherine Lyons, RN, MS, Clinical Program Director of Smilow Cancer Hospital, commented, “Monica has changed the landscape of oncology staff education and development in Smilow. She is constantly striving for innovative ways to provide educational content in ways that are meaningful and memorable. We are lucky to have her as part of our leadership team."