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Nicole Edwards, Office Manager

Behind the scenes at the Yale Cancer Center Cancer Genetic Counseling Program, Office Manager Nicole Edwards makes sure that everything is running smoothly. She is in charge overseeing the day-to-day operations of the office as well as the clinic. She manages the workflow of a small staff and ensures that every patients needs are met. Her day can consist of scheduling patients for appointments, ordering supplies for the office, scheduling meetings, triaging incoming calls as well as managing the busy schedule for the Director of the program.

When a patient comes to the Genetic Counseling Program, they usually require three separate visits. Nicole makes sure that patients are seen in a timely fashion that works with their schedules. She also sends out appointment reminders and letters to their general practitioner if needed. This is Nicole's first year working in the Genetic Counseling Program. She wanted to work in an area where she could interact with patients, which has been her passion since coming to Yale almost 15 years ago.

"This is a unique service being offered that is important not only for the patient coming to see us, but for their families as well. Seeing patients come in that are sick, puts my own life challenges and difficulties into perspective. It is rewarding to be a part of their experience and to be able to help them if they need anything along the way," Nicole said.

Ellen Matloff, CGC, Research Scientist in the Department of Genetics and Director of the Yale Cancer Center Cancer Genetic Counseling Program commented, "Nicole has revolutionized our office and taken the entire program to the next level. Many of our patients are scared, anxious or upset and Nicole is a professional, kind, calming force for them from the minute they walk in the door. She knows what these people are going through and she truly cares about them and for them. We were so lucky to add Nicole to our program team."