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Rebecca Bartomeli, RN

After attending a Gyn-Onc job fair 10 years ago and learning about an Infusion Nurse job opening in the Women's Infusion Clinic, Rebecca Bartomeli has never looked back: "I feel really lucky-I love my job, I love my co-workers, and our patients are my constant inspiration."

Rebecca is a Clinical Nurse 3 in the Women's Infusion Clinic located in NP 1, where she administers IV treatments and performs assessments for patients with breast and gynecologic cancers. While many patients who come through the clinic respond to their treatment, there is a subset who advance into end of life care.
"It is a privilege to carry women from their first chemo to end of life," says Rebecca. "To go along this intimate journey with them and see them at their most vulnerable, it is very special, and each and every patient carries themselves with such grace and dignity."
It is an impossible job without her coworkers she says. In the tough moments, they raise each other up, and on happier days, they carry on as a normal work family. Similarly with their patients, they form close bonds - "a professional friendship," she says, where they get to know each other's families, and they share recipes and stories about their kids.

Overall, says Rebecca, "Being a part of Smilow is like being with the best friend everyone wants to be around, and this is a sentiment shared by patients and employees. Smilow sets a high standard and everyone makes a concerted effort to make it easy for the patients - when all scans and appointments take place on the same day. Anything that can make the cancer journey for patients easier, makes all the difference."