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Rocco Carbone, MS, Senior Research Specialist, CRSL

Rocco Carbone photo
Rocco Carbone, MS, has never been one to turn down a challenge during his career, so when he was asked to head up a Cell Processing Lab for Yale Cancer Center and Smilow Cancer Hospital, he jumped at the chance. He now serves as Senior Research Specialist for the Clinical Research Support Lab (CRSL), an in-service provider that assists the clinical trials process by ensuring that biospecimen samples from patients are processed, stabilized, and submitted for analysis; a lab which Mr. Carbone built from the ground up.

He also just celebrated his 35 Year Anniversary at Yale!

Since it launched in 2006, the CRSL has expanded quickly, and Mr. Carbone continues to contribute to its success. His current duties include supervising the lab technicians, resolving technical and timing issues, creating standard operating procedures, billing for services, as well as some special projects he is working on. Over the years he has participated in the incorporation of biopsy collections, the development of a system for billing services, the opening of two satellite labs, and the review of many incoming clinical trials. Mr. Carbone gives much of the credit for guiding the growth of the lab to the vision and skills of Lynn Buchwalder, MS, former assistant director of CRSL.

Commenting on his 35 years at Yale, Mr. Carbone said, "I believe the most rewarding aspect of my time at Yale has been the many collaborations with faculty members and laboratories, pharmaceutical companies, and a large number of very gifted Yale New Haven Hospital staff members. Research must be, and I believe it is at Yale, truly a team effort, which begins in a basic research lab and the discoveries are then translated into the clinic to alleviate the patients' suffering."

Stephanie Halene, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Medicine (Hematology), commented, "Rocco is a treasure. Always kind, always helpful, and always knowledgeable."