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Sandy Sabia, Support Coordinator, Torrington

Officially, Sandy Sabia's title is Support Coordinator, but behind the scenes, she is the grease that keeps the wheels turning for the Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center in Torrington. Among her many tasks, Sandy supports staff and physicians with system issues - troubleshooting anything that comes up relating to the phones, email, and EPIC. She also sets up staff and nursing meetings, manages physician templates and schedules, creates reports for the Care Center as well as other sites, helps to resolve patient care issues, and supports Roberta Sterling, RN, MSN, MPH, Clinical Program Manager. She may not always be visible to patients who visit, but Sandy is the silent person in the background improving workflows, processes, and handling tasks that help her colleagues excel in their jobs.

"There are days that I can honestly say I could not do my job without Sandy's expertise and support," said Roberta. She continued, "Sandy is an essential member of the Smilow Torrington team and has been for over 23 years. She has a vast knowledge regarding IT, coding, scheduling, reporting, and many other things. She is insightful, and has an excellent knowledge of the overall workflow in the office. She is a key coordinator in many major site projects, including the phone system conversion and recent site renovations. The title of Support Coordinator does not even begin to do justice for everything that Sandy does every day."

Ultimately, Sandy loves her job because every day is different. "I enjoy the people the most - the staff, physicians, and patients, and especially that my job is different every single day," she explained. "I'm able to adapt to change easily and I'm always ready to help when needed."