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Sandra Johnson, PCA

Since joining Yale New Haven Hospital more than 31 years ago as a Unit Hostess, Sandra Johnson has always put patients first and has never hesitated to offer a helping hand.

As a Patient Care Associate (PCA) with Gynecologic Oncology, Sandra meets with patients, checks on them, and attends rounds. Throughout her shift, she stops in to chat and makes sure patients are comfortable and have everything they need. She also checks vital signs, performs EKGs and finger sticks, and places orders for lab work. Pre-COVID, when her unit was located on NP 14, she assisted GynOnc patients who were admitted for chemotherapy or were recovering from surgery, as well as those who were transitioning to end-of-life care. “My patients become family and we become their family,” Sandra says. Her compassion was inherited from her mother, Eujenny Schloss Anderson, an Environmental Associate at YNHH for 37 years, who believed in treating everyone with kindness.

“It’s impossible not to notice Sandra’s amazing way with her patients,” says Brianna Lutz, BSN, RN, OCN, Assistant Patient Services Manager. “She truly forms special bonds with all of her patients and treats them all as her own family members. Even on our busiest days, Sandra takes the time to make every patient feel like they are her only patient. She is exceptional.”

Since March 2020 when COVID-19 really began to impact Connecticut and Yale New Haven Hospital, Sandra was asked to support the Smilow Rapid Evaluation Clinic (SREC) as a Clinical Secretary. She continues to enjoy the frequent interactions with patients, helping direct them to where they need to go. Originally, this assignment was only supposed to be for six weeks, but Sandra will be manning the front desk of the clinic through the duration of COVID.

Brianna continues, “Sandra is the face of our clinic and you can often find her helping to walk patients to the correct destination if they’ve gotten lost in the relocation. Sandra never hesitates to jump into her ‘PCA’ shoes and help out drawing labs (she is simply the best “stick”) and getting EKGs for patients in SREC. Recently, Sandra has taken on the responsibility of mailing out pulse oximeters to COVID-positive oncology patients receiving daily monitoring calls- she even walks the packages to FedEx herself to ensure timely delivery! She is air traffic control for a busy clinic that is learning to navigate a new normal. Sandra makes every patient feel at ease as she greets them and we would be lost without her!”