Sherry Tutillo, Administrative Assistant

When Sherry Tutillo started as Administrative Assistant for Head and Neck Surgery at Smilow over a year ago, she wasn't sure what to expect.  But with the support of the nursing staff and Drs. Benjamin Judson and Wendell Yarbrough she has learned a lot in a short amount of time.  She is responsible for the scheduling of patient appointments, and recently began attending clinic sessions in the 4th floor multispecialty clinic allowing her to meet with patients and begin scheduling and coordinating further appointments and care right then and there.
Sherry's main goal is to make things easy and convenient for the patients.  Even if they choose not to schedule their surgery right away, they appreciate knowing who they can contact when needed.  However, if they decide to schedule their surgery, Sherry can consolidate their appointments for them and make sure everything is done in one day, when possible.  "I like to put myself in the patient's shoes, what if it was me, or a family member, how would I want them to be treated," said Sherry.  "When I sit down with a patient I want to make sure they are as comfortable as possible, and I try to be positive. I want them to leave here knowing what to expect, and not having to worry about when their next appointment is.  It is all taken care of for them."
Date of surgery, follow-up, pre-op and post-op are all scheduled through Sherry, and if any additional scans or tests are required, she makes sure those are done to avoid any surprises. Working with a patient's schedule, along with the physician's clinic hours, is a difficult, yet rewarding task, commented Sherry.  "Many patients just don't expect us to work around their schedules as well.  They are so thankful when their next appointment is earlier then they expected, and with no hassle."
Benjamin Judson, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery (Otolaryngology), commented, "Sherry has become an integral part of the head and neck care team and consistently goes above and beyond for our patients."