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Terry Naser, Environmental Services

Terry Naser, Environmental Services Associate, hits the ground running when he arrives for his shift on NP 8 and assesses what needs to be done in the busy clinic area. He serves as the point person for the nurses and does what he can to help make their jobs easier. Once patients have left for the day, he gets to work cleaning the apheresis unit. An apheresis instrument removes blood from a patient or donor's body and separates it into its various components, and the instruments and collection procedures are highly regulated by accrediting agencies.

When the NP8 apheresis unit was moved to NP 7 during the height of the pandemic, Terry worked to find ways to adjust to the new space, and to make sure patient safety was still at the forefront. “I love what I do and feel so lucky to be able to help in the care of patients,” said Terry. “It was a difficult two months when we had to move our unit, but I was up for the challenge and was able to find ways to make it work.”

Jeanne Hendrickson, MD, Medical Director of the Apheresis Service, commented, “Terry is incredibly deserving of this recognition. His work ethic and dedication to improving the cleanliness, organization, and safety of our apheresis unit, day in and day out, amaze me. His attention to detail allows us to focus on patient care and to comply with regulatory requirements. On behalf of the apheresis patients, providers, nurses, trainees, and staff, I’d like to convey a huge THANK YOU to Terry!”