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Torrington Care Center Patient Services Team

(L-R): Joann Lefebre, Alicia Winfield, Deborah Keevers, Deborah Goring

The Patient Services Team at the Smilow Care Center in Torrington consists of Deborah Goring, Deborah Keevers, Joann Lefebre, and Alicia Winfield. For patients, they are the reassuring voice on the phone scheduling and confirming appointments, and they are the friendly faces first seen upon arrival to the care center.

The team not only provides a welcoming first impression, but Debbie Schwab Brandt, DO, Medical Director and Research Director of the Smilow Care Center in Torrington, says she can't imagine working with a better group of people.

"With our patients, they make each one a priority," said Dr. Brandt. "They make our patients feel confident and welcome, and they are kind, wonderful, and efficient in every capacity - and all of this contributes to why we have the highest reputation in town."

120 to 150 patients come through the doors each day, and the patient services team impacts each one. From Deborah Goring scheduling scans and getting people in for an appointment with minimal wait time and Deborah Keevers checking patients in and making sure they are never sitting for more than 10-15 minutes without an update, to Joann Lefebre scheduling new patients and reviewing charts to make sure they are complete before the patients arrive, and Alicia Winfield, who is great at reading people and providing reassurance when needed through her welcoming and kind nature.

"These women are a family, they are respectful to each other, and they work as a team." Dr. Brandt continued, "They make us look great."