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Danielle Welz, ACA

For a patient who has been newly diagnosed with cancer, the first visit with their care team can be overwhelming. Danielle Welz, Ambulatory Care Associate in The Breast Center at Smilow Cancer Hospital, tries to make that visit a little less daunting. She is often the first person a patient meets, and she strives to set a positive tone from the start.

In addition to making sure patients and their family members are comfortable and have everything they need, Danielle also takes vitals and assists with in-office procedures like punch biopsies, core biopsies, seromas, and aspirations.

"When patients come in they are nervous. They are here to find out more about their prognosis and care plan. Most of the time they leave with a sense of reassurance and it's a privilege to be able to play a small role in that," said Danielle. "We follow patients for many years, and you build relationships with them. It's an amazing feeling to see women come in after finishing treatment, and they are starting to look and feel like themselves again."

Danielle has been in her current role for two years, and enjoys working with this patient population. She commented that it is not always a good outcome, and everyone handles things differently, but she tries to be what each person needs in that moment. Camille Servodidio, Program Manager for Women's Oncology Services, commented, "Danielle delivers patient-centered care and listens to her patients. She is a strong patient advocate and demonstrates compassion and empathy in her daily interactions with patients."