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Cancer Answers: Surgical Options for Skin Cancer and Melanoma

July 25, 2019
  • 00:00Support for Yale Cancer Center Answers comes from AstraZeneca, the global biopharmaceutical behind a variety of innovative cancer medicines with a pipeline of investigational therapies. Learn more at 00:17.100 --> 00:47.600 Welcome to Yale Cancer Answers with Dr. Anees Chapgar and Dr. Steven Gore. I am Bruce Barber. Yale Cancer Answers features the latest information on cancer care by welcoming oncologists and specialists who are on the forefront of the battle to fight cancer. This week, it is a conversation about surgical options for skin cancer with Dr. Kelly-Olino. Dr. Olino is an assistant Professor of Surgical Oncology and Dr. Chagpar is a Professor of Surgery at the Yale School of Medicine. 00:47.200 --> 00:57.800
  • 14:11Medical Minute: Support for Yale Cancer Answers comes from AstraZeneca, a global science led biopharmaceutical business committed to bring into market innovative oncology medicines that address unmet needs for people living with cancer. More at 14:29.400 --> 15:14.400 This is a medical minute about genetic testing which can be useful for people with certain types of cancer that seem to run in their families. Patients that are considered at risk receive genetic counseling and testing, so informed medical decisions can be based on their own personal risk assessment. Resources for genetic counseling and testing are available at federally designated comprehensive cancer centers. Interdisciplinary teams include geneticists, genetic counsellors, physicians, and nurses who work together to provide risk assessment and steps to prevent the development of cancer. More information is available at You are listening to Connecticut Public Radio. 15:13.300 --> 16:01.800