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Meet Dr. Gary Friedlaender

February 18, 2022
  • 00:00I'm Gary, friedlander.
  • 00:02I'm the Wayne. O Southwick professor
  • 00:05of Orthopedics and rehabilitation.
  • 00:07My subspecialty is
  • 00:09musculoskeletal oncology, lumps and
  • 00:11bumps of the musculoskeletal system. I
  • 00:14couldn't begin to take care
  • 00:17of cancer patients without
  • 00:19colleagues and partnering it.
  • 00:21It's built into the process we get together.
  • 00:26By telephone we get together in the hallway.
  • 00:29We get together formally at tumor conferences
  • 00:32or tumor boards on a weekly basis.
  • 00:35And and we are a team.
  • 00:38My responsibilities as a team member.
  • 00:41Are primarily surgical, but not entirely.
  • 00:45Other people on the team include
  • 00:48the medical oncologists,
  • 00:50the radiation oncologists,
  • 00:51the pathologists,
  • 00:52the radiologists and all of the
  • 00:56nurses and social service.
  • 00:59Workers and providers that are necessary
  • 01:01to help people through this this journey,
  • 01:04I just think it's important that that
  • 01:07people understand that we're here for them.
  • 01:10They're why we they are.
  • 01:13Why we are here and they
  • 01:15they are the blessings.