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Cancer Answers

Yale Cancer Center Answers is a weekly radio show focused on cancer screening, detection, treatment, and prevention to provide the latest information to listeners in Connecticut.

Sunday Evenings
at 6:00 PM on WNPR

  • 90.5 FM Hartford/New Haven
  • 89.1 FM Norwich/New London
  • 88.5 FM Stamford/Greenwich
  • 91.3 FM Southampton, NY
  • 99.5 FM Storrs
  • WECS 90.1 FM Willimantic
  • WVOF 88.5FM Fairfield

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Cancer Bytes

Real Life. Real People. Cancer Happens.

Cancer Bytes is a podcast highlighting cancer survivor stories from Yale Cancer Center. 
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Yale Cancer Answers is hosted Dr. Francine Foss is a Professor of Medical Oncology at Yale Cancer Center and Dr. Lynn Wilson is Vice Chairman and Clinical Director of the Department of Therapeutic Radiology, and Professor of Therapeutic Radiology and of Dermatology at Yale Cancer Center.