Support Groups

A diagnosis of cancer can be stressful to you and your family.  Learning to gain a sense of control over your situation can be very helpful. Smilow Cancer Hospital has Licensed Clinical Social Workers who can help you to manage your feelings and concerns throughout your cancer care.  He or she will be able to listen, provide emotional support, teach coping strategies, and assist with problem solving  to help you and your family maintain the best quality of life. We also have social workers available at each of our Care Center locations to assist you throughout your treatment process.

Our social workers also facilitate many support groups, both at our main hospital  as well as at our Care Centers.  Support groups provide the opportunity to receive emotional and educational support and to meet with others who are undergoing similar treatment or who have successfully completed treatment. Information about the support groups is available from your social worker or the Family Resource Center at Smilow Cancer Hospital. They will also assist in connecting you to any community resources that may be of value. 

Breast Cancer

Angela Khairallah, LCSW 203-200-6360

Sherri Storms, RN 203-200-2328

Brain Tumor

Angela Thomas, LCSW 203-688-7528

Andrea Laudano, APRN 203-737-1671

Anne Longo, RN 203-688-6008

Gastrointestinal (GI) Cancers

Laura Donnelly, LCSW 203-200-2120

Gynecological Cancers 

Diane Viveiros, LCSW 203-200-6359

Head And Neck Cancers

Mary Strauss, LCSW 203-500-7434

Jessica Stein, LCSW 203-200-6358

Leukemia and Lymphoma 

Liora Lew, LCSW 203-200-6356

Lung Cancer

Brian Jin, LCSW 203-200-2632


Laura Donnelly, LCSW 203-200-2120

Multiple Myeloma

Liora Lew, LCSW 203-200-6356

Pancreatic Cancer

Jan Lenkoski-Mueller, LCSW 203-200-3354

Prostate Cancer

Mary Strauss, LCSW 203-500-7434

Jessica Stein, LCSW 203-200-6358

Stem Cell Transplant

Mary Crooks, LCSW 203-200-6357

Thyroid Cancer Support

Katherine Hawthorne RN 203-737-2036

Colleen Jannitto RN 203-785-3446

Young Adult Cancer Support

(Ages 18-39)

Angela Khairallah, LCSW 203-200-6360

Lisa Barbarotta, APRN 203-200-3278

Caregiver’s Group 

For Loved Ones Of Patients 

Mary Strauss, LCSW 203-500-7434

Liora Lew, LCSW 203-200-6356

Care Center Support Groups

North Haven

Patient and Family Support- Denise Armstrong, LCSW: (203) 215-2135


Patient Support- Jennifer Cohen, LCSW: (203) 215-5208 and Karin Brinkman, RN (203) 795-1664


Circle of Hope, for all cancer types- Mary Strauss, LCSW: (203) 200-3355


Breast Cancer- Jessican Stein, LCSW: (203) 200-6358

Gynecological Cancers- Susanne Lee-Baldassini, LCSW: (203) 453-7206

St. Francis Hospital

Caregivers- 1st Tuesday of every month, 5-6:30PM Cancer Patients- 3rd Tuesday of every month, 5-6:30PM. Call (860) 714-4731

Newly Diagnosed Breast Cancer- Susan Crawford, LCSW: (860) 714-4412

Metastatic Breast & Gynecological Cancers- Susan Crawford, LCSW: (860) 714-4412

Please call for information, scheduling and location.