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Cancer Research Study: Consent for Tissue Banking

Researchers at Yale Cancer Center want to learn as much as possible about the causes of cancers, leukemias, and other diseases, and find new ways to treat them. In order to accomplish this, researchers may benefit from studying tissue samples leftover from procedures done as a part of routine care and by looking at a patient's medical records. As part of the Cancer Research Study: Consent for Tissue Banking, your permission is being sought to study tissue and blood samples leftover from past and future procedures in order to learn about how cancers start, grow and spread, and how they respond to therapy.

Leftover tissues are biological material that remain after the routine clinical tests requested by your doctor have been completed. When tissues or data are given to a scientist for research, your name and any personal identifiers will be removed and will be replaced with a code. All individuals who may use your specimens or data had training in protection of personal information and fairness in research.

If you have any questions, please talk with your doctor first or contact Yale Cancer Center Clinical Trials Office at (203) 785-5702. If you have questions about your privacy rights, please contact the Yale Privacy Officer at (203) 432-5919. View our brochure to learn more>>