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Two Lives on the Line

Scans revealed that Valencia Opont, who was in her second trimester of her pregnancy at the time, had a brain tumor.

Streamlining Skull Base Surgeries

Smilow Cancer Hospital’s new Skull Base Surgery Program is designed to make these complicated treatments more smooth and effective.

A Counterintuitive Breakthrough

Ranjit Bindra, MD, PhD, noticed that his patients were not responding as expected to a heralded new drug, enasidenib, for brain tumors, which targeted a mutation in the IDH gene, implicated in gliomas.

The Fight to Save a Mother

In the summer of 2014, during her last months of pregnancy, Kaitlin Eppinger began experiencing severe headaches and migraines. Later, a mass the size of an orange was found in her brain.

Fighting Brain Cancer with Nanoparticles

The most common malignant brain tumor, glioblastoma multiforme (GBM), is also the most intractable and lethal. Even the most aggressive therapies barely slow its devastating progress.

Mapping the Genetic Landscape of Brain Tumors

Meningiomas are the most common brain tumor, striking 170,000 Americans every year. Until recently they have largely been mysteries to medicine.

Brain Cancer Survivor: Mary Ann Gunderman

The Brain Tumor Center at Smilow has gained regional and national recognition for comprehensive evaluation and diagnosis of brain tumors, leading edge treatment options, thorough follow-up, and psychosocial support.