Smilow Cancer Hospital’s intraoperative MRI suite is one of only a few such units in the world and the only in the state of Connecticut .  It features a powerful MRI that allows neurosurgeons to take real time images during the operation. Without moving the patient, the doctors can more precisely target the tumor's position, see what areas need protection, and determine the extent to which the tumor has been removed and whether there were any complications.  

Previously, patients needing brain surgery received a pre-surgical MRI in an imaging suite; then were brought to the operating suite for surgery. Hours, or sometimes days after surgery, the patient would have a follow-up MRI to determine the effectiveness of the surgery. Only then would the surgeon be able to fully appreciate the extent of tumor removal and decide whether repeat surgery or other therapies are needed. Smilow’s advanced multi-modality image guided surgical suite provides high quality images and data in real time, allowing physicians to target problem areas more quickly and effectively. And because of the rapid imaging speed, less contrast dye is required.

As with all care at Smilow Cancer Hospital, the intraoperative MRI allows the patient to be the central focus of every procedure and permits the highest quality of outcomes.