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Renewed Energy in Breast Cancer Care

Together, the researchers and doctors in The Breast Center at Smilow Cancer Hospital and across the Smilow Cancer Hospital Network are expanding breast cancer care far beyond surgery and post-surgical therapy.

Roberta: Breast Cancer Survivor

Roberta discovered her own breast lump while doing a breast self-exam. She went to her gynecologist and within a few days was diagnosed with invasive breast cancer, stage 1A.

Wendy: Breast Cancer Survivor

Wendy Chambers leads a blessed life – she has a wonderful family, a collection of friends that have been gathered over her lifetime, and she’s had a long and successful career. She is also a two-time breast cancer survivor.

Rethinking Mammography

Studies suggest that 20 to 40 percent of breast tumors found by mammography are overdiagnosed, meaning that the detected tumors would not have become clinically noticeable or dangerous during the patients’ lifetimes.

Investigating Disparities

A group of Yale physicians and researchers drew upon the massive National Cancer Database to see if race played a role in how women with breast cancer responded to pre-surgical chemotherapy.

Technique Spares Women Additional Surgeries

A simple change in how surgeons do partial mastectomies can cut in half the chances that women will need a follow-up surgery.

Greg: Breast Cancer Survivor

As a 39 year old man, the last thought on Greg DeMarco’s mind was that he could be diagnosed with breast cancer.

From Bench to Bedside and Back

More than 200 breast cancer patients currently participate in 16 clinical trials that encompass every stage of breast cancer, from benign high-risk lesions to mastectomies, chemotherapies, radiation, and survivorship.

Jesseca: Breast Cancer Survivor

Jesseca has had many small non-cancerous lumps (adenomas) in her breasts, so she was used to going to Smilow Cancer Hospital to be monitored every six months with mammograms and ultrasound tests.

Marjorie: Breast and Cervical Cancer Survivor

After two mammograms and two ultrasounds, I met Dr. Anees Chagpar and she told me that there were two masses in the outer side of my right breast.

Tomosynthesis: The Future of Breast Cancer Screening

Digital breast tomosynthesis, or 3-D mammography, provides a 3-D image of the breast, allowing radiologists to view the breast in detailed 1mm slices, instead of as a large single image.

Raffaella: Breast Cancer Survivor

When Raffaella's mammogram showed more calcification lined up in a suspicious pattern and the nurses at the Breast Center at Smilow Cancer Hospital recommended she have a biopsy, she was not ready to act. After having the biopsy done, Rafaella was diagnosed with ductal carcinoma in situ (DCIS).

Jen: Breast Cancer Survivor

Jen can't remember life without cancer being a constant shadow. She was diagnosed with her first cancer, Wilms' tumor, at the age of 2. 6 months to the day after completing her first marathon, Jen was diagnosed with breast cancer.

Kelly: Breast Cancer Survivor

Kelly had what were called “several suspicious areas” on her first MRI screen for breast cancer. Over the next few months she had many biopsies. All came back inconclusive or showing precancerous changes.

Breast Cancer Community Tumor Board: Innovative Breast Cancer Therapies: New Systemic Therapies and Surgical Options

Smilow Shares | October 13, 2021Presentations by: Maryam Lustberg, MD, MPH, Chief of Breast Medical Oncology; Director of The Breast Center at Smilow Cancer Hospital Melanie Lynch, MD, Director of Breast Surgery, Bridgeport Kathleen Fenn, MD, Assistant Clinical Professor of Medicine Melissa Mastroianni, MD, Assistant Professor of Plastic & Reconstructive Surgery Kevin Du, MD, PhD, Associate Professor of Therapeutic Radiology Pamela Fitzgerald, LCSW, Oncology Patient Navigator

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Smilow Shares: Breast Cancer at Waterford/Westerly

Smilow Shares: Breast Cancer Awareness, presented by the Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Center in Waterford and WesterlyMehra Golshan, MD, MBA - Professor of Surgery (Oncology) and Interim Director of the Breast Center at Smilow Cancer Hospital Anca Bulgaru, MD - Assistant Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology) Robert Legare, MD - Associate Professor of Clinical Medicine (Medical Oncology) and Medical Director of the Smilow Cancer Hospital Care Centers in Waterford and Westerly Meena Moran, MD - Professor of Therapeutic Radiology, Director of Breast Radiotherapy

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Smilow Shares: Breast Cancer Awareness and Treatment Advances with Trumbull and Fairfield

Mehra Golshan, MD, MBAProfessor of Surgery (Oncology) and Interim Director of the Breast Center at Smilow Cancer HospitalNeal Fishbach, MD Assistant Professor of Clinical Medicine (Medical Oncology) Melissa Mastroianni, MD Assistant Professor of Surgery Andrew Zhang, MD Assistant Professor of Therapeutic Radiology

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