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Discovery to Cure

Through the Discovery to Cure program, Yale physicians and scientists strive to improve the prognosis for women with reproductive cancers and pioneer viable new treatments for these patients. Early detection, exceptional clinical care, and the development of novel treatment advances are the three cornerstones of the program.

Early Detection

Ovarian cancer is often called the disease that whispers because the early warning signs are so subtle that they often go undetected. Understated symptoms and ineffective screening tools result in many women being diagnosed with the disease at an advanced stage, making treatment more difficult.

The early detection program is comprised of a team of physicians, sonologists, nurses, genetic counselors, and program staff who are committed to providing a comprehensive new approach to screening women at greatest risk for developing ovarian and other reproductive cancers. These women are first-degree relatives of ovarian cancer survivors and women who have family histories of both breast and ovarian cancer. In addition to providing comprehensive risk assessments, including formal genetic counseling and a physical exam, the early detection program also offers women access to the most advanced diagnostic imaging and ultrasound technologies to help detect reproductive cancers at their earliest stage.

Exceptional Clinical Care

The clinical care provided through Discovery to Cure is comprised of a multidisciplinary team of caregivers who are committed to providing a comprehensive approach to patient care. Numerous clinical trials are currently available through Discovery to Cure for patients seeking access to the most advanced therapies for ovarian, cervical, and uterine cancers. These trials are effectively bringing research advances to our cancer patients and are investigating the use of new drug therapies and combinations of chemotherapy agents.

Researchers and clinicians in the Discovery to Cure program are at the forefront of discovering new treatment options for women with reproductive cancers. The direct connection between the laboratory and the clinic is what makes Discovery to Cure truly unique.

Research is continuing to determine whether, based on protein expression, patients will positively respond to a specific chemotherapy treatment and, subsequently, whether the treatment they are receiving is effective early in the patient’s course of treatment. A better understanding of a woman’s response to chemotherapy will have a significant impact on treatment outcomes.

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