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T Cell Lymphoma Program

Our T Cell Lymphoma Program is led by Francine Foss, MD, Professor of Medicine (Hematology) and a leading expert in the treatment and care of patients with lymphoma. Dr. Foss leads several clinical trials investigating the latest treatment options, and combinations of treatments, for both Peripheral and Cutaneous T Cell Lymphomas.

T Cell Lymphomas have a number of different subtypes, and the hematology team at Smilow Cancer Hospital has expertise in profiling patient’s tumors to determine the specific genetic mutations so treatment can be tailored. Novel monoclonal antibodies, targeted therapies, and inhibitors are all in study through clinical trials providing multiple options to patients. The role of stem cell transplants, both in newly diagnosed and relapsed patients, is also a treatment consideration that the team discusses at Tumor Board based on stage, health, and donor availability.