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A Patient Partnership in Care and Research

For the past 16 years, Dick Metz has experienced the ups and downs of a cancer diagnosis.

Bill Brown: Melanoma Survivor

Dr. Harriet Kluger helped Bill participate in a clinical trial with ipilimumab in combination with an anti-PD1 drug, Nivolumab to treat his stage III melanoma.

Dina: Melanoma Survivor

Due to the severity of Dina's diagnosis, Dr. Mario Sznol suggested she join a clinical trial that offered a combined immunotherapy, which at the time was a very new therapy.

Richard: Melanoma Survivor

Mr. Metz’s journey illustrates the incredible strides that have been made in treating melanoma, a cancer that just ten years ago had a much more frightening prognosis.

Sun Damage Occurs even after Sunset

Researchers at Yale discovered that sun damage continues even when we’re out of the sun and that melanin, the pigment that gives skin its color, may be both protective and harmful.

A One-Two Punch Against Melanoma

In a phase I trial, a new combination of drugs proved highly effective against an especially dangerous cancer: melanoma.

Understanding Melanoma: Treatment Advances & Patient Care

Smilow Shares in partnership with Melanoma Research Foundation | October 12, 2021Presentations by: Jonathan Leventhal, MD, Assistant Professor of Dermatology Thuy Tran, MD, PhD, Instructor of Medicine (Medical Oncology) Kelly Olino, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery (Surgical Oncology) James Clune, MD, Assistant Professor of Surgery (Plastic) Jeffrey Ishizuka, MD, DPhil, Assistant Professor of Medicine (Medical Oncology)

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