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Hemostasis and Hemophilia Clinic

The Yale Hemophilia Center (YHC) is located within the Section of Hematology and Oncology in the Department of Pediatrics. The YHC became a federally funded comprehensive treatment center in 1986. Over the past 23 years, the YHC has provided excellence in hemophilia care through a multidisciplinary approach and is well established as a comprehensive treatment center for patients with bleeding disorders. An active thrombophilia clinical program has also been developed within the YHC in recent years. Although the administration of the YHC is based in the Department of Pediatrics, patients include both children and adults. Additionally, YHC is a major referral center in Southwestern Connecticut for hemostasis patient evaluations. We follow a total of 71 patients with serious inherited coagulation disorders, 189 individuals with von Willebrand disease, and 36 with qualitative platelet disorders. More than 100 new patients are seen in consultation annually for the diagnosis and management of disorders of hemostasis. The YHC is one of eight comprehensive hemophilia treatment centers in New England. We participate in the CDC’s national hemophilia clinical research study, the Universal Data Collection Study that tracks longitudinal complications and quality of life in individuals with hemophilia and other bleeding disorders.