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HEROS Clinic: beating cancer for a lifetime

Health, Education, Research & Outcomes for Survivors of Childhood Cancer

(203) 785-2407

Cure rates continue to rise for children with cancer. At Yale, we are determined that more and more children will survive. We are also determined that they thrive. So we are designing treatments that cause less discomfort to patients in the short term and fewer serious complications in the long term. Our HEROS clinic broke new ground when it became the first in the state to offer comprehensive guidance for adults and children who had survived pediatric cancer. Under the directorship of Dr. Nina Kadan-Lottick, our survivorship program has national prominence and is recognized as a model in which patients are monitored for recurrence of their original cancer, emergence of new cancer, and occurrence of long-term effects of therapy.

"We see ourselves as a consult clinic that works closely with oncologists and primary care doctors to care for patients. If we identify any problems, we arrange appropriate follow-up and communicate directly with the primary care doctor to work in partnership."

– Dr. Nina Kadan-Lottick, Medical Director

This unique clinic empowers patients to live their best life after cancer.

We are committed to caring for the whole person. We screen for possible effects from previous cancer treatment. We teach about how to live a healthy life with nutrition, exercise, and stress management. Our team has a pediatric oncologist trained in survivor are, nurse practitioners, a psychologist, nurse coordinator and research coordinator.

Anyone diagnosed with a cancer prior to 21 years of age, regardless of current age. Appointments are available the first, second and third Monday afternoons of each month. Our clinic is located on the 7th floor of Smilow Cancer Hospital.

The HEROS clinical evaluation includes:

  • Diagnostic testing specific to your healthcare needs (for example: blood work, heart ultrasound, pulmonary tests, or bone density scans).
  • Physical exam.
  • Detailed cancer treatment summary and individualized schedule of future screening (Survivorship Care Plan).
  • Advice and information about steps patients can take to remain healthy and pursue their life goals
  • Screening for learning difficulties and emotional well-being.

To learn more about the services we provide please call (203) 785-2407 or email us at