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Peter: Bladder Cancer Survivor

As part of a groundbreaking clinical trial, Peter Ehmer received treatment for his diagnosis of stage III bladder cancer.

In the Driver's Seat, thanks to Targeted Therapy

After his third surgery for polyps, Joe sought a second opinion and ultimately received a diagnosis of muscle invasive bladder cancer.

Groundbreaking Immunotherapy for Bladder Cancer

For patients with urothelial bladder cancer (UBC) there have been few treatment options, but a phase I trial at Yale Cancer Center and other international centers changed that.

Tammy: Kidney Cancer Survivor

Tammy was found to have cancer in her right kidney that was extending into the inferior vena cava, the largest vein in the body, and up into her heart. It was a very rare circumstance and would require extensive surgery to save her life.

Fred: Prostate Cancer Survivor

Without his routine physicals, Fred doesn't think he'd be alive today. He now tells all of the guys he grew up with to get their blood work done and to keep track of their PSA.

Tom: Prostate Cancer Survivor

Afraid of receiving bad news, Tom declined a PSA test, a decision he came to regret when he was later diagnosed with high-grade prostate cancer.

Matthew: Testicular Cancer Survivor

Matthew Fried was twenty-two years old when he was diagnosed with stage I testicular cancer.