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Artemis Device

The Artemis device is a 3-D imaging navigation system that allows us to image the prostate and take pictures in order to overlap them with a real-time ultrasound to help guide needles during biopsy. This allows doctors to take future biopsies in the exact same spot of the prostate as previous lesions were found, allowing them to better monitor the troublesome part of the gland. A UCLA study published in the Journal of Urology found that targeted biopsies were three times likelier than conventional biopsies to detect cancer.

New technology and expertise at Yale now makes it possible to visualize a prostate tumor within the gland, improving its detection, location, and staging. Smilow Cancer Hospital offers the only program in Connecticut that uses a novel technique to perform targeted biopsies of the prostate. The high-tech approach uses MRI combined with the Artemis device to locate and biopsy areas in the prostate. This technique has been shown to have a much higher cancer detection rate than standard biopsy. The technique brings together expertise in urology, pathology, radiology, and engineering.