Robotic Surgery

The da Vinci Robotic System for surgery provides patients with lung cancer with a less invasive surgical option, quicker recovery time, and decreased side effects. Our thoracic surgeons, Dr. Justin Blasberg and Dr. Andrew Dhanasopon, are extremely experienced using this technology to perform lobectomies for the treatment of lung cancer. Together, they perform the most robotic lung procedures in Connecticut. Smilow Cancer Hospital’s robotic technology, the da Vinci xi, is the most advanced robotic platform available.

Smaller incisions, greater surgical precision, less pain for the patient, and a quicker return to normal activity, are just some of the benefits this technology allows for. Yale was one of the earliest institutions in the country to provide robotically assisted thoracic surgery for lung cancer. Your thoracic surgeon will discuss the surgical options available to you, and the benefits of each option.