Lung Screening and Nodule Program

The Yale Lung Screening and Nodule Program (Yale LungSCAN) includes a comprehensive multidisciplinary team of internationally recognized pulmonologists, chest radiologists, thoracic surgeons, thoracic oncologists, tobacco treatment specialists, and nurse practitioners. Our goals are to provide exemplary lung cancer screening to individuals at risk for lung cancer, and to offer individualized, state-of-the-art evaluation to patients with lung nodules.

Why Yale LungSCAN?

Expertise:  The clinicians involved in Yale LungSCAN are internationally recognized for their expertise, and serve on national and international committees and societies that are defining the standards for lung cancer screening programs and lung nodule evaluation.  Yale LungSCAN has been recognized by the American College of Chest Physicians as a Center of Excellence.  We are recognized by the American College of Radiology as a designated lung cancer screening center. 

Team approach and collective judgment: Yale LungSCAN utilizes a multidisciplinary evidence-based approach to maximize the benefits of screening for individuals at risk for developing lung cancer.  Treatment and management decisions are based on the collective judgment and expertise of the team, using standardized and individualized management algorithms.  All concerning lung nodule cases are presented at a weekly multidisciplinary thoracic oncology tumor board to ensure that all aspects of care are met in the best possible way. 

Forefront of knowledge: Yale LungSCAN is actively engaged in research to provide answers to the many unresolved issues regarding screening for lung cancer and thoracic oncology. 

Yale LungSCAN is comprised of two closely complementary programs: 1) The lung cancer screening program and 2) the lung nodule evaluation program.  We work together to provide comprehensive clinical assessment, including individualized lung cancer risk assessment and evidence-based management of pulmonary nodules. 

The Yale Lung Cancer Screening Program

The Yale Lung Cancer Screening Program provides:

• Personalized lung cancer risk evaluation and clinical assessment for persons undergoing lung cancer screening
• Detailed one-on-one discussion of individual benefits and risks of lung cancer screening
• Tobacco use cessation counseling and treatment for persons who are actively smoking
• Low dose screening CT scan or other tests, based on the clinical assessment
• Review and interpretation of the screening CT scan, and management recommendation by our dedicated and experienced team

The Yale Lung Nodule Program

The Yale Lung Nodule Program provides: 

• Individual evaluation and clinical assessment for any lung nodule identified on a radiology study (chest CT, chest x-ray, MRI, abdominal CT, PET scan, etc.), including lung nodules found on lung cancer screening. 
• Detailed one-on-one discussion of likely cause(s) of the lung nodule(s)
• Evidence-based, individualized clinical evaluation, with recommendations for further testing if appropriate, follow up, and any necessary treatment
• Integration of lung nodule evaluation into the spectrum of care required for an individual patient
• Access to the expertise and specialties of the Smilow Cancer Hospital Thoracic Oncology Program
• Timely communication with other members of a patient’s healthcare team

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