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Generations Project

If you have been directed to this webpage by a Generations Project Coordinator, you have recently enrolled in Yale’s Generations Project, and your provider feels it may be appropriate for you to consider additional genetic testing. This recommendation may be based on a personal and/or family history of cancer or other factors.

Everyone participating in Generations has a small number of their genes tested for various health conditions, including three genes associated with breast cancer called BRCA1, BRCA2 and PALB2. However, based on national guidelines, some patients require further genetic testing. The results of this additional genetic testing may provide useful information for you, your family members, and the providers involved in your care.

If you have specific questions about genetic testing or if you would rather meet with a genetic counselor prior to pursuing additional genetic testing, please discuss this with your physician at your appointment, and a referral can be arranged. Genetic counselors are medical providers with specialized training in genetics to help people determine if genetic testing is right for them and provide people with more information about genetic testing related to hereditary cancer.

Many people have questions about insurance coverage of genetic testing and what their expected out-of-pocket cost for genetic testing may be, if any. The coverage of genetic testing depends upon whether an individual meets his or her insurance carrier’s criteria for genetic testing, and the criteria vary for each insurance company. While an individual may meet their insurance criteria for genetic testing, there still may be out-of-pocket costs associated with genetic testing. This based on the specific insurance plan and the patient’s out-of-pocket responsibility for medical services outlined in the plan, including co-pays and deductibles. If you have questions about the cost of additional genetic testing, please contact the pre-estimation team at Yale Medicine by calling (203) 737-7692.