Message from the Director

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Beth Jones, PhD, MPH

Message from the Director: 

Control is an interesting concept.  By the time that someone is old enough to view this webpage, they are old enough to know that they do not control everything that happens to them.  It is just how it is. Yet, each of us has a lot of control over our own health.   And sometimes we need to take a little risk to avoid future problems.  As the Director of the new Smilow Cancer Screening & Prevention Program, I am pleased to be part of this exciting initiative to ensure that Smilow Cancer Hospital is not only here for those who have been diagnosed with cancer, but we are here for those who want to do everything they can to protect themselves and their families by maintaining a healthy lifestyle and by getting regular cancer screening tests as recommended by their health care providers. We are here to help you take control - and access the information and tests that lead to early detection, when cancer is easier to treat.  Read our webpage, call or email us, or call your health care provider to find out about the cancer screening tests that may save your life.  

Beth A. Jones, PhD, MPH

Director, Cancer Screening & Prevention Program

~Working with a team of dedicated health care providers, Dr. Beth A. Jones, PhD, MPH, serves as the Program Director.  Dr. Jones is a Research Scientist at the Yale School of Public Health where she teaches a course on Health Disparities and has conducted numerous studies looking at the unique factors that impact cancer outcomes and cancer screening in underserved populations in New Haven and throughout the state of Connecticut.  Dr. Jones is also the Assistant Director of Diversity and Health Equity at Yale Cancer Center.~

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