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Cancer Screening

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What is Cancer Screening?

Cancer screening tests are for patients who do NOT have symptoms.
The goal of cancer screening tests is to find cancer as early as possible and BEFORE there are any symptoms. Importantly, some, but not all, cancer screening tests detect potential problems AND allow the doctor to remove the suspicious tissue at the same time. This is important as it means that you are less likely to develop cancer later in your life. Sometimes the screening test results in a finding that requires more follow up testing. It is always important to follow your doctor’s advice if more testing is recommended.

Who needs to get cancer screening tests?

The Smilow Screening & Prevention Program offers many different screening tests. If you have a regular doctor, you should ask her/him what tests are recommended for you. Your gender (sex), your age, your family history of any cancer, and possibly your race / ethnicity will be helpful in deciding when you should begin screening. Cancer screening offers the most protection when it is done on a regular basis as recommended by your doctor.

How can you find out more about cancer screening tests at Smilow Cancer Hospital?

For more information on these specific cancer screening tests, see the links below:

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