Meet the Team

Tara Sanft, MD - YCC Survivorship Clinic
Dr. Tara Sanft is the director of the Smilow Cancer Hospital Survivorship Clinic one of the nation’s only multi-disciplinary clinics specializing in cancer survivorship. Dr. Sanft is a breast oncologist who treats women with newly diagnosed breast cancer. As the director of the Survivorship Clinic, Dr. Sanft sees patients who have had various types of cancer and have completed their initial treatment. Her research focuses on healthy lifestyles and quality of life after cancer.
Maura Harrigan - YCC Survivorship Clinic
Maura Harrigan, MS, RD, CSO is a Registered Dietitian and a Board Certified Specialist in Oncology Nutrition (CSO). As a member of the Smilow Cancer Hospital Survivorship Clinic team, Maura provides individualized counseling addressing the unique nutrition concerns of the cancer survivor. Maura is also a Project Manager at the Yale School of Public Health where she conducts lifestyle interventions for the Lifestyle, Exercise and Nutrition (LEAN) Study.
Scott Capozza YCC Survivorship Clinic
Scott Capozza, MS, PT has been the physical therapist for the Smilow Cancer Hospital Survivorship Clinic since its inception in October 2006. He develops exercise plans uniquely tailored to a survivor's needs and personal preferences by assessing their strength and range of motion. He has also used his experience working as the lead therapist/trainer in the Hormones and Physical Exercise (HOPE) study to educate breast cancer survivors on the importance of exercise to reduce fatigue, bone loss and joint pain as a result of hormone therapy. As a longtime survivor of testicular cancer, Scott has shared his personal story of cancer survivorship to both oncology professionals and high school students throughout Connecticut.
Angela Khairallah YCC Survivorship Clinic
Angela Khairallah, MSW, LCSW is a licensed clinical social worker for Yale New Haven Health Smilow Cancer Hospital Breast Center as well as the Smilow Cancer Hospital Survivorship Clinic. Angela’s areas of specialty include breast cancer, young adults with cancer (ages 18-39), and cancer survivorship. Angela earned her Master’s degree from the University of Utah Graduate School of Social Work in 2001 and has been licensed since 2004. Within her work with patients in the Survivorship Clinic, her focus is to help patients adjust to their “new normal” by addressing the social, emotional, spiritual and sexual impact that cancer has had and may continue to have on their lives. She provides patients with tools, interventions and resources to overcome challenges they may face by utilizing her knowledge and expertise in mental health, mindfulness, solution-focused and cognitive behavioral strategies.
Mae Ann Jauk YCC Survivorship Clinic
Mae Anne Jauk, MA, APRN-BC started her nursing career at NYU Medical Center in NYC working as a registered nurse in Neurosurgery for 5 years. She continued her nursing career at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center, working in the ICU and Ambulatory Lymphoma Service for another 5 years before she relocated to Connecticut. During that time, she attended a Master’s program focusing on Adult Primary Care at NYU. Soon after her graduation, she started working as an APRN in a medical oncology private practice for 2 years and radiation oncology in Beth Israel Medical Center for 6 years. Since 2012, she has chosen to specialize in oncology and survivorship, helping patients live well following their cancer treatment here at Yale New Haven Hospital.
Alyssa Berkowitz YCC Survivorship Clinic
Alyssa Berkowitz, MPH is a clinical researcher who started her career at Memorial Sloan Kettering Cancer Center in 2011 in clinical breast cancer research. In 2013, she attended Columbia University’s Mailman School of Public Health and earned her Master’s in Public Health with a focus on Health Promotion, Practice and Research. Alyssa joined the Survivorship Clinic in 2016 where she conducts research to help better understand the needs of cancer survivors.