Grace Chen

Grace Chen

Assistant Professor, Department of Immunobiology; Associate Research Scientist

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Grace Chen, PhD
Grace Chen


Research Interests: Circular RNA; RNA immunity; RNA modifications; RNA localization; T cells; self/non-self; host-virus interactions

Dr. Chen received her BS from the University of California, Berkeley in Chemical Biology. She obtained her PhD from Harvard University in Chemical Biology, where she discovered and characterized RNA modifications in Dr. David Liu’s lab. Dr. Chen completed her postdoctoral training at Stanford University in the group of Dr. Howard Chang, where she investigated circular RNA immunity. Dr. Chen will be joining the Department of Immunobiology at Yale University School of Medicine in January 2019.

The Chen Laboratory is building a dynamic team of collaborative scientists motivated to understand the molecular mechanisms underlying circular RNA function and regulation. Positions at all levels (postdoctoral fellows, graduate students, research associates, and undergraduates) are available. Interested candidates with backgrounds in molecular biology, biochemistry, chemical biology, or genomics should send a cover letter and CV to the PI Dr. Grace Chen at

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  • PhD
    Harvard University, Chemical Biology

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