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Jon Morrow, PhD, MD

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Raymond Yesner Professor of Pathology


Professor, MCD Biology



Raymond Yesner Professor of Pathology

Professor, MCD Biology


Education & Training

Yale University (1976)
Indiana University School of Medicine (1974)
Yale-New Haven Hospital
Yale University School of Medicine



Our research focuses on understanding the structure and function of the spectrin-ankyrin-actin cytoskeleton and the mechanisms by which it mediates membrane receptor and adhesion-complex organization; signal transduction; and vesicle trafficking from the ER to the plasma membrane. Our recent studies implicate a major and unexpected role for the spectrin skeleton in the pathways of vesicle trafficking and membrane assembly. In parallel studies we are seeking to understand the molecular basis of diseases arising from aberrant cytoskeletal function. Studies are carried out both in vitro utilizing functional and biophysical assays; in cell culture using genetically modified systems; and in transgenic animals. Areas of special interest include organization of the plasma membrane in erythrocytes; vesicle trafficking and the establishment of polarity in epithelial cells; and the control of receptor organization at the synapse.

Medical Subject Headings (MeSH)

Autopsy; Computer-Assisted Instruction; Medical Informatics; Pathology; Spectrin; Telepathology

Research at a Glance

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Jon S. Morrow, MD, PhD, is the Raymond Yesner Professor of Pathology, Professor of Molecular and Cellular Biology, the chair of Pathology and the Chief of Pathology at Yale New Haven Hospital. He has led Pathology for nearly 30 years. An internationally recognized physician-scientist, Dr. Morrow’s research has pioneered studies on the structure, function and genetics of complex cell membrane scaffolds. These studies were among the first to reveal the molecular basis of several hereditary disorders of blood cells, diseases most commonly afflicting young children, as well as the molecular basis of movement disorders such as hereditary ataxia. This work is reported in over 200 original research publications and reviews.

Under his leadership, the Pathology Department has grown to one of the nation’s foremost pathology programs, offering subspecialized expertise in all major areas of practice. Dr. Morrow personally co-authored the development of the first comprehensive anatomic pathology information system (CoPath®), now the most widely used anatomic lab information system across the Country. Building on that early initiative, the department was among the first to establish a dedicated informatics and computational pathology unit, and now leads the country in its information systems, which ensure optimal patient safety and laboratory efficiency. Other firsts for the Department under Dr. Morrow’s leadership include the introduction to Connecticut of computer-assisted cytologic screening and the incorporation of genetic sequencing technology, which is used for cancer diagnosis and tissue evaluation. Recent innovations include the development of new technologies that allow the identification of cancer patients who will optimally respond to emerging immunotherapies.

Clinical Specialties

Pathology; Anatomic Pathology; Hematopathology; Autopsy Pathology; Molecular & Genomic Pathology

Board Certifications

  • Anatomic Pathology

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    AB of Pathology
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