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Nikol Agadzhanian

Postgraduate Associate

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Nikol Agadzhanian


Nikol graduated from St. Petersburg’s State Institute of Technology (Technical University) in Russia with a B.Sc. in biotechnology, followed by M.Sc. in molecular biology and biotechnology at the ITMO Univeristy, SCAMT Institute also in St. Petersburg, Russia. Her bachelor thesis was focused on the synthesis of iron oxide nanoparticles and their internalization into FetMSC stem cells in vitro. It was followed by her master's thesis which studied reduction of copper (II) for overcoming drug resistance in tumor cells. Later on, she had an internship in University of Bordeaux where she worked on the impact of microenvironment on the physiology of adult stem cells derived from the wisdom teeth. After that she received an opportunity to join Müschen lab as a postgraduate associate.

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