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Melanoma DART

Faculty Members:

Mario Sznol, MD, Leader

Marcus Bosenberg, PhD

James Clune, MD

Anjela Galan, MD

Ruth Halaban, PhD

Michael Hurwitz, MD

Lucia Jilaveanu, MD, PhD

Michael Krauthammer, MD, PhD

Harriet Kluger, MD

Jonathan Leventhal, MD

Sarah Weiss, MD

Staff Members:

Lead Clinical Research Coordinator

Matthew Madura

Clinical Research Coordinators

Amanda Ralabate, RN

Elizabeth Perrotti

Clinical Research Assistants

John Jones

Gail Anderson

Sally Miller

Mark Esposito

Primary Regulatory Support

Beth Davis

Secondary Regulatory Support

Ed Kacik


  • Develop novel clinical therapies for melanoma and renal cell carcinoma (RCC) with a primary focus on immune therapy
  • Investigate immunobiology of melanoma and RCC
  • Discover molecular drivers of melanoma and RCC biology
  • Discover new treatment targets
  • Explore predictive biomarkers of response to therapeutic agents

Medical Oncology Patient Management and Clinical Research Project Team Meetings: Mondays at 7:30am
Melanoma Tumor Board Meetings: Thursdays at 7:30am
Renal Cell Carcinoma Tumor Board Meetings: Mondays at 1:00pm
Brain Metastasis Tumor Board Meetings: Tuesdays at 3:00pm