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Thoracic Oncology DART

Faculty Members:

Support Team:
Marianne Davies, APRN
Vanna Dest, APRN
Emily Duffield, APRN
Kathryn Meadow

• Deliver the best state of the art clinical care
• Improve integration of clinical and research programs
• Conduct high impact clinical trials
• Increase peer reviewed clinical projects and funding
• Engage basic scientists in clinical issues and paradigms
• Build clinical/basic science teams to move toward team science and funding

Future Goals:
• Continue bench to bedside translational and reverse translational research
• Develop more investigator initiated trials to take advantage of the immune profiling laboratory
• Increased involvement of Care Centers
• Seek greater number and involvement with surgical trials
• Foster more intra-programmatic grants (P01s)
• Develop new combination trials with immunotherapy and phase I targets

Thoracic Oncology Tumor Board: Mondays at 7:30am
Research Meetings: Wednesdays at 3:00pm