AIM at Melanoma Symposium- April 28, 2012

Introduction to Melanoma- Mario Sznol, MD, Professor of Medicine, Medical Oncology

Session One: Moderator: Deepak Narayan, MD, Associate Professor of Plastic Surgery

Melanoma: Risk Factors, Screening, and Preventative Measures- Jennifer Choi, MD, Assistant Professor of Dermatology

The Genetic Piece- Danielle Bonadies, MS, CGC, Senior Genetic Counselor
Support for Patients and Families- Dwain Fehon, PsyD, Assistant Professor of Psychiatry, and Sage Vogel, LCSW, Oncology Social Worker

Session Two: Moderator: Mario Sznol, MD Professor of Medicine, Medical Oncology

Surgery for Metastatic Disease- Stephan Ariyan, MD, Director, Smilow Cancer Hospital Melanoma Program

Role of Basic And Translational Science in Discovery of New Treatments for Melanoma-Ruth Halaban, PhD, Senior Research Scientist, Dermatology; Director of the Yale SPORE in Skin Cancer

Approach to Treatment in Post-Surgical and Metastatic Melanoma Patients- Harriet Kluger, MD, Associate Professor of Medicine, Medical Oncology