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CROY (Cancer Research Opportunities for Youth)

CROY (Cancer Research Opportunities for Youth) is a new initiative from Yale Cancer Center meant to provide young people from our local communities with hands-on experience, mentoring, and collaboration within the cancer research pipeline. To qualify for this program, you must identify with a group that is underrepresented in cancer research and willing to commit to working two summers in the cancer center. In general, this refers to individuals who are Hispanic/Latino, Black or African American. However, other students may also qualify for this program.

The program will provide aspiring young scientists from the New Haven community an opportunity to embed themselves within research teams engaged in all aspects of cancer research over the course of 2 summers. Eligible students will be matched with research teams working in projects related to Cancer Immunology, Cancer Prevention and Control, Developmental Therapeutics, Genomics, Genetics and Epigenetics, or Radiobiology and Radiotherapy. You will have the opportunity to learn about cancer research, develop research skills, and be mentored by some of the best cancer researchers in the world. This is a unique opportunity to take advantage of a world class research institution in your own backyard!

Please note: Until further notice, we ARE still planning to offer positions within the CROY Training Program for summer 2020. As the COVID-19 situation continues to evolve, we may need to suspend the program. However, we still encourage you to apply at this time.


Students must meet the following requirements:

  1. Must be a current or future participant in the Yale Pathways to Science Program
  2. Must want to learn more about cancer
  3. Must want hands-on experience in cancer research
  4. Must be in strong academic standing
  5. Must identify with a group under-represented in science
  6. Must be a rising high school sophomore, junior, or senior and be at least 16 years old by the beginning of the program
  7. Must be a motivated team player
Online Application

Essay Prompts

  • Tell us about a time you needed to work in a group, either in school, in a job, or as part of a team. What was the experience like for you? (250 words or less)
  • Why you have chosen to apply to CROY? Maybe you want to work in a particular lab or find a specific type of science interesting. Maybe there’s another reason. Let us know! (250 words or less)

For more information about the specifics of the program, contact Dr. Beth Jones or Rachel Clare.

Program Director

(203) 764-7207

Program Coordinator

(203) 764-7281


How long is CROY?

CROY is a two-summer program. Students chosen for the program will be expected to research with their Primary Investigators (PIs) for a minimum of 8 weeks each year, with at least 6 uninterrupted weeks during the summer months.

If you’re applying as a current senior, you will be expected to return to CROY after your first year of college to continue researching with your assigned research group.

What will a student learn during CROY?

CROY is meant to equip students with the tools needed to be successful research scientists. Over the course of two years students can expect to learn to:

Locate and review current scientific literature
Safely conduct scientific research
Collect and analyze data
Design a personal research project
Be an effective member of a research team
Consider contemporary issues in cancer and health
How does the program work?

After applying, students will be paired with a researcher in Yale Cancer Center who will supervise the student’s summer experience. With their researcher, students will learn the rationale behind the research they are performing and be taught the necessary skills to assist in the project. Interspersed with daily research, students will sometimes participate in lunch seminars focused on contemporary issues in science.

Additionally, for the second and third weeks in July, students will split their time between research and the Yale Center for Analytical Science (YCAS) Summer Scholars program to learn the fundamentals of biostatistics and research design.

Is this a paid internship?

Yes! All students accepted into CROY will receive a stipend each summer and for any work completed during the school year.

Can I still participate in the Pathways Summer Scholars Program?

Yes. If you are accepted into the Pathways Summer Scholars Program, you may choose to substitute your required participation in YCAS for participation in Pathways. Either way, students must split their time between research and a summer program for those two weeks.

When will CROY start?

The program will start on Monday, June 22nd.