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Award Opportunities

  • Yale Cancer Center K12 Calabresi Immuno-Oncology Training Program Scholar Awards
The Yale Cancer Center (YCC) K12 Calabresi Immuno-Oncology Training Program (IOTP) is a program funded by NCI to address the urgent need to train junior investigators to conduct patient-oriented cancer immunology and immunotherapy studies to accelerate the pace of these advances. IOTP trains both PhD and MD or MD/PhD junior faculty in clinically-relevant immuno-oncology and translational immunology. IOTP capitalizes on the wealth of expertise at Yale in immunobiology and immunotherapy. IOTP faculty have extensive track records of mentorship and are actively pursuing research in these areas. IOTP is supported by YCC and synergizes with the Yale Center for Clinical Investigation (YCCI), which provides some foundational courses. The training program includes didactic and practical training developed specifically for IOTP. Learn more>>
  • Women and URM Recruitment

IOTP is committed to maintaining a diverse trainee and mentor environment, and trainees from groups under-represented in Medicine (URIM) and women will particularly be encouraged to apply and a concerted effort will be made to recruit women and URIM Scholars. We will strive to provide URIM Scholars with role models and Mentors and give Scholars opportunities to network with these faculty and with one another. Efforts to engage minorities will be further coordinated with women and URIM mentors from our mentorship panel.