1. Medical Oncology-Hematology Core Curriculum Course * is a weekly lecture series providing a comprehensive review of all aspects of medical oncology and hematology including oncologic emergencies, pharmacology, palliative care, biostatistics and clinical trial design, cancer epidemiology, cancer genetics, and in-depth reviews of each specific neoplastic and benign hematologic disease.  The disease-specific reviews include the relevant basic biology, pathogenesis, epidemiology, staging, use of imaging, prognostic variables, and treatment. This course runs over 18 months.
  2. Cancer Center Grand Rounds * is a weekly forum for Yale faculty and guest speakers to provide state-of-the-art updates on a broad array of cancer-related topics.
  3. Journal Club * is a weekly presentation (September - June) at which important articles relevant to hematology-oncology are critically reviewed and presented by the fellows, with input and mentoring from appropriate faculty members.
  4. Research in Progress meeting (RIP) * is a weekly conference (September - May) where faculty and fellows present their research.
  5. New Patient Conference *  is a weekly conference presented in a “morning report” format, new patients seen by the first year fellows are presented to Dr. Fuchs, Yale Cancer Center Director, for case-based discussion. Attending faculty members are active participants, contributing their expertise to the discussion.  In addition, this conference is used as a forum to review complications of treatment and adverse outcomes in the format of a Morbidity and Mortality Conference, three-four times annually.
  6. Disease-specific Case Conference * is a weekly conference in which new patients from one disease-specific unit are presented to an attending physician with expertise in that disease area for a detailed case-based discussion of staging, biology, treatment, with emphasis on evidence-based management and review of the use of specific therapeutic agents.
  7. Hematology/Hematopathology Conference * is a weekly case-based conference in which benign and malignant hematology cases are discussed with the participation of the hematopathologists.  An important aspect of this conference is review of peripheral blood smears, bone marrow aspirates and biopsies. Specialists from the Department of Laboratory Medicine, including the Blood Bank, are invited to participate to discuss specific cases.
Tumor Boards are interdisciplinary meetings to present new patients, review pathology and radiographic studies, and discuss evidence-based management; tumor boards are held weekly for each multidisciplinary disease-specific unit.