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Yale Cancer Therapeutic Accelerator Program (CTAP)

Craig Crews, PhD, Peter Schulam, MD, PhD and Mark Lemmon, PhD
The goal of the Yale Cancer Therapeutic Accelerator Program (CTAP) is to accelerate the translation of Yale science and oncology research into new compounds, anti-cancer drugs and clinical trials. Yale Cancer Center has a large untapped resource of potential molecular targets and anti-tumor drugs within its members’ academic laboratories. To unlock this potential, and link it to Yale Cancer Center’s great strength in clinical trials, the Yale CTAP provides three important elements needed for translating Yale research into new cancer therapeutics:

  1. The infrastructure to generate the additional data on targets and compounds needed to attract external investment
  2. A program to educate, guide, and motivate Yale’s academic researchers through entrepreneurial endeavors.
  3. Experienced leadership that has successfully bridged the worlds of academia, biopharmaceuticals, and venture capital.
Do you have an idea for a new therapy and want help launching a CT-based biotech company? The Program in Innovative Therapeutics for Connecticut’s Health (PITCH) can help mature your concept and generate data sufficiently attractive to early-stage life science investors at no cost to you or your lab. Administered through the Yale Center of Molecular Discovery (YCMD), PITCH funds Center activities such as assay development, high throughput chemical screening, chemistry-based hit triage and medicinal chemistry optimization of active hits.