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Global Oncology Initiative

The purpose of the Global Oncology Initiative at Yale Cancer Center, is to promote the highest quality treatment for and prevention of cancer around the world, while supporting and stimulating global research and education in cancer treatment and prevention. 

The Initiative hopes to identify and develop potential scientific and geographic areas for collaboration, while establishing a global cancer engagement network and facilitating global cancer research, patient care and education. 

Co-Director's of the Initiative are Donna Spiegelman, ScD and Yawei Zhang, MD, PhD, MPH. Dr. Spiegelman is one of the few people in the world with a joint doctorate in biostatistics and epidemiology, and she can freely speak the languages of both disciplines. Her research is motivated by problems which arise in epidemiology and require biostatistical solutions. Dr. Zhang's research focuses on cancer prevention and prognosis, early life exposures, and surgical outcomes. In particular, she has been pioneering the causes of increasing trends of thyroid cancer observed worldwide.