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Benefits and Services

Yale Cancer Center Members benefit from involvement in the Center in a number of ways:
  • Priority access and discounts/subsidies to defray the cost of Shared Resources
  • Integration into one of seven interdisciplinary Research Programs
  • Opportunities for Intramural Funding Awards
  • Invitations to scientific conferences, retreats, seminars, symposiums
  • Administrative resources
  • Scientific Publication Program
  • Access to dedicated staff in marketing, communications, development, and public affairs
  • Clinical Trials Office for cancer research

Shared Resources

Led by David F. Stern, PhD, Associate Cancer Center Director for Shared Resources, Yale Cancer Center has eight Shared Resources that provide access for Center members to technologies, services, and scientific consultations that facilitate scientific interactions and enhance scientific productivity.


Through our seven interdisciplinary Research Programs, members discover areas of joint interest and effort. Lab-based scientists, clinical investigators, and population scientists are all encouraged to connect across departments and areas of study to find innovative ways of treating, controlling, and preventing cancer.

Funding Support

The Yale Cancer Center Pilot Awards program has disbursed nearly $8 million dollars since 2012 to promising projects in cancer research, and historically, has a large return on investment. The Pilot Award competition is open only to YCC members. View Funding Opportunities here 
Current Funding: 

Lion Heart Grants  
  • Funding amount based on fundraising annually done by Lion Hearts
  • For Yale Cancer Center members only 
  • To support breast cancer research
  • Committee of Yale Cancer Center members and Lion Heart members review and select grant recipients
  • Administered by Brigid Killelea

SPORE in Lung Cancer Program Awards

Learn More>>       

V Foundation Pediatric Cancer Grants
  • The nominee must be nominated by their Cancer Center Director if the research institution is a cancer center. If the research institution is not a cancer center, then the department chair or other senior research administrative official who is responsible for the internal nominee 
  • Applicant must be employed at a non-profit research institution 
  • Administered by Gary Kupfer

American Cancer Society Institutional Research Grants  
  • $30,000 for one year  
  • For assistant professors only  
  • Prior national research grant disqualifies  
  • Four awards per year  
  • Usually reviewed in December

Rausch Foundation Grants in Community Health  
  • $30,000-$50,000 for one year  
  • Population science focus  
  • Priority to projects with impact to New Haven  
  • Administered by Melinda Irwin 

YCC Pilot Grants
  • $50,000 for one year  
  • All YCC members eligible to apply  
  • Specific project proposed by individual investigator  
  • Seven or eight awards per year, distributed among all seven research programs  
  • Usually reviewed in Spring  
  • Administered by Joann Sweasy
  • For more information, please contact Christine Holmberg

T-TARE Award  
  • Up to $200,000 for one year  
  • For teams of investigators  
  • Research with a translational focus  
  • Major goal is to generate data and evidence of collaboration for multi-investigator grant application  
  • Administered by Roy Herbst

Yale Discovery Fund Grants 
  • $450,000 to be spent over three years  
  • High-risk/high-reward cancer research  
  • Multidisciplinary collaborative research  
  • Hope to fund 3 – 4 each year  
  • Administered by Dan DiMaio

Leslie Warner Postdoctoral Fellowship  
  • ~$42,000 for one year  
  • Fellows working in YCC member laboratories eligible to apply  
  • Must be in first year of fellowship  
  • Four awards every other year  
  • Usually reviewed in fall  
  • Review organized by Karen Anderson

Tina Brozman Ovarian Cancer Pilot Grants

  • Preference for Yale School of Public Health members
  • Usually reviewed in fall
  • Review organized by Yong Zhu

Administrative Resources

YCC Members enjoy access to our administrative resources and personnel including pre-award support for team science and other grant applications, Translational Research Office, Early Drug Development Program, YCC event planning and staffing, and communications needs. View our Budget form here.

The Scientific Publication Program

Free editing services provided to Yale Cancer Center members for grants, journal or book articles, and other manuscripts. This program has been generously provided by The Sands Family Foundation.