Lieping Chen, MD, PhD

United Technologies Corporation Professor in Cancer Research and Professor of Immunobiology, of Dermatology and of Medicine (Medical Oncology); Co-Director, Cancer Immunology Program at Yale Cancer Center

Research Interests

Immunotherapy; Inflammation; Medical Oncology; Neoplasms; Autoimmunity

Public Health Interests

Cancer; Immunology

Research Organizations

Immunobiology: Chen Lab | Human and Translational Immunology Program

Internal Medicine: Medical Oncology | Rheumatic Diseases Research Core | Rheumatology, Allergy, & Immunology: Rheumatic Diseases Research Core

Yale Cancer Center: Cancer Immunology

Office of Cooperative Research

Research Summary

I am interested in 1) molecular, biochemical and functional aspects of cell surface costimulatory and coinhibitory molecules and 2) translation of laboratory findings to treat human diseases.

Specialized Terms: Lymphocyte activation and tolerance; costimulation and coinhibition; tumor microenvironment; cancer mmunotherapy.

Extensive Research Description

Currently, our laboratory is interested in:

  1. Identification and characterization of cell surface proteins that control T cell priming, growth, migration, differentiation, tolerance, memory, and survival during immune responses
  2. Cellular and molecular mechanisms by which tumors escape immunity
  3. Developing novel approaches for treatment of human diseases based on our laboratory discoveries

Selected Publications

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