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Next Generation Sequence Analysis

Next generation sequencing (NGS) has become a widely used research tool, but analysis is costly, time-consuming, and requires rigorous statistical analysis for knowledge extraction and publication. I provide project-scale NGS analysis assistance for research labs at Yale.

  1. Quality and reliability: We offer expertise on analysing big data from NGS and other high-throughput technology, and a strong background in genetics and molecular biology.
  2. Timeline control: Timelines for deliverables are discussed and set before project initiation. Most analyses are finished within two months.
  3. Flexible, in-person discussion: I can work on-site to enhance communication.
  4. Affordable: The analysis operates at the project scale, with no long-term contract required. The cost of each project is directly related to my effort over the project timeline.
Standard Analyses Provided
for differential expression, alternative splicing.
for binding sites of transcription factors and modified histones.
for somatic mutations, copy number variations.
16S/18S rDNA sequencing for taxonomy assignment, alpha-diversity, beta-diversity.
miRNA-seq, whole genome sequencing, target sequencing, genotyping array, expression array, and more.

Zongzhi Liu, PhD, Associate Research Scientist
203-903-2599 (Mobile and Office), 203-737-3455 (Office)
Office Location: BML 348